Why family values should be protected

Family values also called familial values are the cultural and traditional values which had been passing from a generation to another in the families.  They are about the family ideals, attitudes, beliefs, roles, functions and structure. Sociologists may use traditional family to refer to the family values.

Family values are defined like moral or ethical principles that have been upheld traditionally and they are transmitted in the family like, faith industry, loyalty and honesty. The family values are normally considered in a conservative and traditional way and they help in order to promote sound functioning of a family and to strengthen the fabric that held together the society.

The Familism or Familialism is an ideology in politics and it is meant to put the family values and family over other things. It may manifest in prioritizing what the family needs over what the individual needs with the influence on the individual and on the politics and families. Normally, the familiasm is meant to advocate for the welfare system and it is presumed that the families can take up the responsibility to care for the members and there is no need to leave this responsibility to governments.

The social values are about the things such as bettering, equality, freedom, justice and peace in a community. Some of the social value includes not hurting other people and to stand up for the people who are not able to stand for themselves.  Others are being courteous and respectful in the interactions, volunteering skills and time in a community, being generous of what someone has and being honest.

The political values can be moderate, conservative and liberal and can determine how the government has to run and the laws that have to be put in a place. These values include being open minded to other things, treating each person with equality regardless of the sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, patriotism, following what the law says and working hard to achieve success.

The religious values are about the expectations that the people may have about themselves or about others and it is based on believes of their own faith. Even if each religion has own beliefs, there are some values that the religions may share and they are showing compassion to the people who are in a need, treating the people as you wish to be treated, learning and growing intellectually and spiritually and being a modest person in the relationship with other people. It is also good to be non violent and respectful while interacting with other people.

Many organizations have been developed to ensure the health of the unborn children and the women. The culture based on these values bans the abortion after 20 weeks, letting the women learn about their benefits and what help available when it comes to protect their baby before they get abortions.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no school, welfare agency or any program that can replace a stable and strong family which is the backbone of each society. These organizations work hard so that the legislation that protects families can pass.

How family values are protected

Family values are about the ideas which are about how a person wants to live his own life and these are passed to one generation to the other generation.  They are used to define the behavior in some situations while they help the youth in making the right choice and they solidify a bond that the family keeps.  If the family has not such values, then it is time to implement them.


Even if the list of the values for the family can be different, some categories of values may be the same. There are social values, political values, religious values and moral values among others. Some areas have groups that help them to protect their values and one of these groups is Colorado for Family Values.

Colorado for family values or CFV is a not an organization based on making profits and it is meant to preserve, to protect and to defend the traditional family values.  It is meant to offer the Colorado families the information that they require so that they can be informed on the government or individual elected so that they may present them.  There are many groups which claim that they are focusing on the family values but the difference they have to CFV is that only CFV is the organization that have an expert in the politics and can defeat wealthy and radically liberal groups which want to plague the state of Colorado now. The company promises to defend anyone’s family and religious liberties without taking into account the party that the person who is oppressing him is found in and who may be a friend to the oppressor.  The principle is always put over the personality when it comes to the fight of the families.

Colorado for Family Values is a conservative advocacy group to protect social values.   The company was co-founded by David Noebel, Kevin Tebedo and Tony Marco in the 1990s. The chairman is Will Perkins and he was a former car dealer who resides in Colorado Springs. At the beginning, the company was known as Colorado Coalition for Family Values; however, they decided to change the name and dropped coalition word when a radio presenter said that it was sounding as Marxist.  Some argued on the timing of establishing the company after the move of James Dobson to Colorado but they say that it was just a coincidence and the Focus on The Family is not related to the Colorado for Family values in anyway. The Focus on The family values of Dobson is independent and not the same as CFV.  It had been linked to the traditional values, Eagle Forum, Concerned Women for America and Summit Ministries. Promise Keepers’s founder Bill McCartney is the supporter of the program.

CFV was developed in specifically to counter acting the objective of Colorado Human Relations Commission and it is meant to introduce the legislation which would effectively add behavior of the homosexuality to a list of the protected class status.  This made a must of creating the legal process that scrutinizes the homosexuals when they claim to be sidelined.