Exploring the Impact of Christian Nonprofits in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to a large concentration of national and international Christian nonprofit organizations. Learn more about their impact on the sector and how you can get involved.

Exploring the Impact of Christian Nonprofits in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a hub for Christian nonprofit organizations, both nationally and internationally. Warren Smith of MinistryWatch notes that the city is one of the major players in the sector, alongside other concentrations in Florida, California, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. For the past three decades, economic development leaders have actively sought out prominent evangelical Christian organizations to move their operations and staff to the Pikes Peak region. The impact of these organizations on the sector has been significant. Residents of Colorado Springs who are involved in missions abroad, evangelization, leadership training, Bible translation, aid and development, educational media, communications, Christian music and other related services have seen annual growth.

Cook, a Colorado Springs-based organization since 1995, has faced challenges during the pandemic but has managed to stay afloat with small business loans. The Aurora campus of the Colorado Transportation Ministry Christian Fraternity offers trips to help its members attend Sunday service. On Sunday mornings, members of Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF) on the Aurora campus come together for family prayer and supplication. The Ministry of Deacons on the Colorado Springs campus will also be preparing Thanksgiving baskets for families and people in need this holiday season. Fasting is not a requirement for salvation but is an important part of one's Christian walk of faith and is highly recommended. The Aurora campus also has an informational panel with job announcements, community services, health information and more. The growth of the industry has been impressive despite the sharp decline in Christian publications due to the rise of online retail, self-publishing and online retailers such as Amazon that sell Christian materials. If you're looking for service projects offered by different Christian groups located in Colorado Springs, there are many resources available.

The Directory of 552 Christian Nonprofit Organizations in Colorado Springs is a great place to start. You can also contact local churches or organizations directly to inquire about service projects they may be offering.

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